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sslcreditpay service is always and support staff is at your disposal to provide answers for any type of queries regarding your credit card statement that you might have. Please see our frequently asked questions below for possible answers to a query you may have.

I do not recognize the charge on my bank statement.

  We are able to assist you in any matters regarding the transaction. If you doní»t recognize the charge on your statement, you can make a screenshot of the charge and email to us. For your own security, you can cover the info. of other charges. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Can I e-mail my credit card number to

  It is never secure or advisable to e-mail your credit card number. For more information on how to prudently use your credit card, please read How do I use my credit card securely online?

How do I use my credit card securely online?

  When shopping online, always use web pages you are familiar with and trust. A good indication of the quality of a merchant? web site is answered by these questions:

Do they use SSL certificates?
You can see this easily by looking at the address bar in your browser. If it reads: https:// on the payment page, your credit card information is securely transferred.
Do I pay on a pop-up screen leading directly to a known bank?
This payment method is called web form and is a more secure alternative way of making payments online since the communication goes directly to the bank.
Are there complaints regarding the company on forums and online?
Misbehaving merchants are often and soon written about in various forums online. Google the web site if you are unsure of its quality.


As an extra measure of protection ask your card issuing bank if they can provide a 3D secure credit card to you. A 3D secure enabled card will prompt you for a 4 digit pin number that you have chosen when making a purchase online.

I forgot the web site address I bought on. How do I find that out?

  Either email us at [email protected] with request information on what site the purchase was made or call our support staff on 852-36102877 and ask them directly.

My card was stolen and I did not make the purchase, what do I do now?

  Contact our support staff via email or phone for advice and assistance. Remember to always cancel a stolen or fraudulently used credit card.

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